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If you love the art of “BOOING,” at Halloween, then how about “ELFING” at Christmas! We fell in love with this idea last year when Anders Ruff posted an adorable “You’ve Been Elfed” printable. What a great idea to spread the true spirit of Christmas and what fun for the kids to be surprised by a fun-loving elf on their doorstep filled with festive treats. Since my kids are 17 and 20, and although they still love their stockings filled on Christmas morning – I wanted to do something special for our neighborhood kids. So my little Elfie Ellen below will make her first fun stop this weekend!
Similar to “booing,” each family can purchase their own container to pass on the Christmas cheer, or you can start with one container and then each family can refill it. (See below, we have a clever way if you start the “elfing” tradition to get your container or pail back!) Just secretly leave your elf on the doorstep along with a copy of the sign below. We include our blog address at the bottom, so new signs can be printed out and passed on. After you’ve been “elfed,” just post the sign where everyone can see it - on your front door or a window would be perfect.
To help you with all of your “ELFING” needs, we have created a poem (special thanks to my daughter, Lindsay, who is a whiz with poems). It is designed to print easily on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper and then cut in half.  Also, be sure to tuck in the ticket to the North Pole if you’d like to get your elf or container back safely (and bring it out again next year!)
Include this ticket in your pail so the little elf can travel back to the North Pole! (just write in your name and address):
If you would like to use the elf pail shown above, just visit our on-line shop and you can either select a simple DIY kit (each kit comes with a free holiday sticker pack and then use your own elf hat) or you can purchase one of our Pre-made Elves, already filled with cookies!
We hope you have fun spreading a little elf magic this Christmas!
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  1. Carrie Kane says:

    Oh how CUTE!!! So fun Pam & Melinda!! -Carrie

  2. Donna says:

    Love this, I’m hooked on you!

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